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Cloud web hosting reseller

What is in reality cloud hosting? There has been a lot of misunderstanding (and worst of all, still is) about cloud web site hosting as an expression. Cloud web site hosting is considered to be a description of a certain category of website hosting services, which requires a pack or a cluster of servers devoted to serving only one service (mail, disk storage, FTP, databases, stats, hosting Control Panel, etc.). This service is just a single segment of the entire hosting puzzle, which includes multiple different fragments (packs of web servers, each of them serving a different service). The complete bunch (comprising all the hosts of clustered web servers) is putting together the so-called CLOUD web page hosting puzzle.

Cloud website hosting reseller patterns

Unfortunately, the modern reseller hosting market does not supply numerous cloud hosting reseller options. Numerous providers claim that they supply one (a current marketing technique), but very few in reality do. One such reseller hosting seller firmly snatched our attention. It is ResellersPanel. We have taken a gaze at ResellersPanel's system and networks. The testimony we have uncovered authenticates that there is a real cloud web hosting solution made available to ResellersPanel's end clients. So, why is ResellersPanel so special?

ResellersPanel's cloud website hosting reseller accounts

First of all, with ResellersPanel the resellers have the opportunity to resell completely genuine cloud hosting plans and solutions, i.e. every separate service (website hosting Control Panel, electronic mail, web space, FTP, databases, stats, DNS, and so on) is being served by a cluster (a group) of web space hosting servers devoted just to that exact service.

Second of all, ResellersPanel offers four datacenter locations, where the cloud web hosting customers can host unlimited domains and websites: in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia.

Third of all, ResellersPanel's marketing approach enables the resellers to resell not only authentic cloud web space hosting solutions, but also VPS hosting, semi-dedicated and dedicated server, domains (more than 50 Top-Level Domains) and digital certificates. At wholesale prices. The Hepsia site hosting CP is added everywhere at no additional charge.

Fourth of all, ResellersPanel does not want any monthly or annual prepayments (subscription expenses). All other reseller website hosting marketing enterprises out there will require the reseller to first purchase the plan and to pay out monthly or annual subscription bills irrespective of whether the reseller has generated any bargains or not. If a deal has been generated, the reseller splits the profit with ResellersPanel. On the reseller's part, no deposits are demanded, i.e. there are no commercial risks to be engaged in.

In the fifth place, ResellersPanel is an ICANN commissioned Top-Level Domain registrar. That's an absolutely unusual phenomenon on the reseller web space hosting marketplace. Maybe thanks to the fact that ResellersPanel is a domain name registrar, the Domain Manager, included in the in-house designed end-client Control Panel, is so avant-garde and innovative. This Domain Manager is the greatest domain management tool we have noticed so far on the whole cloud, shared and domain web site hosting market.

Lastly, ResellersPanel offers centralized management. The reseller has one place to log in to, where the whole hosting business can be administered from. So do the customers. In contrast to the cPanel website hosting and cPanel reseller hosting solutions, with ResellersPanel the website hosting customers can manage their hosted domain names, web portals, files, databases, email box accounts, statistics, billing transactions, invoice transactions and customer support tickets from within 1 compact location - the Hepsia CP, which is perhaps the best web hosting CP on the current domain name and webspace hosting marketplace. Why do we say 'in contrast with cPanel'? Typically the cPanel-based web hosting companies will provide their customers with at least two, sometimes even three login places (the cPanel CP itself, the invoice and domain administration user interface and finally the trouble ticket platform). You should take this one into consideration.

The cPanel-powered "cloud site hosting" environment

It's invariably useful to take into account that cPanel was originally concocted created on a single-server-does-it-all sort of platform. cPanel's chief purpose is to operate on one hosting server where all web page hosting services run simultaneously: electronic mail, File Transfer Protocol, databases, website files, statistics, web application installers, web space hosting Control Panel, DNS, and so on. Being aware of that, it's difficult to envisage a cPanel-based web space hosting corporation providing real cloud hosting services. And above ninety five percent of the current web site hosting traders are... cPanel-based. That's all there is to cloud web page hosting out there. You should take that one into consideration as well.

Putting all the bits together

Numerous years will probably go by till most of the domains and sites will be served by real cloud website hosting platforms. The cause for that is the fully beguiling and disloyal marketing approach currently utilized by most of the website hosting companies. Purely because the term "cloud webspace hosting" is quite modern... and trendy. The majority of the web site hosting corporations would like to be stylish as well. Mainly the cPanel-based ones.