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An evaluation of pluslife85

We, at, have selected 'pluslife85' to be our current domain name and web hosting provider. This is why we expect that this brief assessment of 'pluslife85' is perchance going to be very helpful for other people from all over the World in search for domain name and web hosting solutions. We state individuals from all over the Globe, because the mere truth is that 'pluslife85' currently furnishes domain and hosting services in several server farm facility sites: in the US (Chicago, IL), in Great Britain (Maidenhead, 20 miles outside London), in Scandinavia (Stockholm) and in Australia (Sydney). That way, encompassing almost the whole Earth. At least from the point of view of the Internet. So, here is what you could expect from 'pluslife85' in a nutshell:

Shared Webspace Hosting Solutions

The initial detail we, at, have seen is the low-cost prices of the shared hosting plans offered by 'pluslife85'. Shared doesn't sound very well, does it? Well, that's what it is referred to as: shared web hosting. The good thing here is that the site hosting plans offered by 'pluslife85' are driven by a custom invented, futuristic cloud web hosting solution (each web hosting service, such as mail, databases, Control Panel, disk space, DNS, statistics, etc., is being dealt with by a different pack of servers in a cluster). This is something EVERY cPanel web hosting supplier on the Earth will have considerable problems with, because cPanel is a one-server based web page hosting environment (each hosting service, like email, databases, web space hosting CP, web space, DNS, stats, and so on, is being handled by one single hosting server), cPanel is not open source (that is why the cPanel web page hosting distributors are unable to add new functionality and manipulate it the way they want it) and there is no open source file system (they must develop their own file platform), which is the foundation of any cloud web hosting service. Let's return to the shared web page hosting packages, which are powered by an authentic cloud web site hosting solution. With a shared site hosting package, each customer pays solely for his/her plan, thus preserving the webspace hosting price really low (since lots of customers share one and the same hosting server). In brief, a shared hosting package, which is hosted on a cloud webspace hosting solution, allows you to pay just for the reserves that you really demand, averting a scenario where you pay for a feature-rich web page hosting plan that you cannot actually utilize, or for a tiny web hosting plan that cannot host your site. The ability to upgrade your account from one package to another with just 2 clicks of the mouse gives you the flexibility to commence with a tiny package and upgrade as your online presence expands. In this way, you save capital that you can invest in advertising the web page while it is still novel. Each and every web hosting plan furnished by 'pluslife85' offers an online web site builder and over 40 widely used script-driven software applications among them WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Moodle that will economize you hundreds of dollars for web page design solutions. 'pluslife85' distributes shared hosting solutions in several different geographical regions across the Globe. There is one server farm facility in Chicago covering the United States and Canada; 2 European server farm facilities - in Britain and in Scandinavia; and another one in Australia, which covers the Asia Pacific region. Hence, nearly the entire World is covered to provide you and your web page's visitors with a steady and dependable web space hosting service at a convenient place. On the whole, the shared hosting packages offered 'pluslife85' are quite well equipped and come at a budget price (beginning from $3.92 for the Business plan).

Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

In's opinion, large sites such as social networks, community and corporate web portals or famous web shops with 1000s of clients demand a much more powerful web page hosting platform. It seems that the chaps from 'pluslife85' have drawn the same conclusion too. To satisfy its clients' requirements, 'pluslife85' supplies an array of dedicated servers that can tackle millions of daily hits. That evaluation stands on the hardware specifications the web servers arrive with: Dual and Quad-core processors, up to four gigabytes of RAM, two thousand GB of disk storage and Gigabit network cards will beyond doubt guarantee the fast and stable performance of any sort of website. In 'pluslife85's opinion, the original hardware configurations can be upgraded for more resource-requiring sites. We, from, deem that all dedicated server accounts furnished by 'pluslife85' are also suitable for launching a hosting reseller business as each and every dedicated web hosting server arrives with free-of-charge invoicing transaction software platform and a fee-free domain reseller account. Sadly, the dedicated web servers furnished by 'pluslife85' are all unmanaged. We, at, think of this as a little inconvenience, which can be righted by paying a monthly fee of $32.00 USD. So, if you need backing, the Managed Services upgrade includes a handful of extra services such as a regular backup, software installation, server surveillance and troubleshooting operations. A number of webspace hosting Control Panel (CP) user interfaces are offered with each of the web hosting servers - Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin. Our ('s) forecast is that the great drag-and-drop File Manager offered by the Hepsia site hosting Control Panel will possibly make the recourse to any File Transfer Protocol software program pointless. Our ('s) inference is that the dedicated servers delivered by 'pluslife85' don't seem to be very cheap (still the Hepsia hosting CP and the unlimited hosted domain quotas will no doubt make you smile), starting from $145.00 for the Xeon Scalable 8c plan.